The Fifth-Year Interim Report


Name of Institution: Alcorn State University

Address of the Institution:
1000 ASU Drive, 359
Lorman, MS  39096-7500

Name, title, contact numbers of person(s) preparing the report:
Dr. La Toya Hart
Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Director


Part I. Signatures Attesting to Integrity (applicable to all institutions) Requests that the chief executive officer and accreditation liaison attest to the accuracy of institutional assessment and documentation supporting that assessment.

Part II. Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Reviews (applicable to all institutions) Requests that the institution complete the abbreviated "Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Reviews."

Part III. Fifth-Year Compliance Certification (applicable to all institutions) Monitors continued compliance with identified Core Requirements and Comprehensive Standards at the decennial interval.

Part IV. Fifth-Year Follow-Up (applicable to select institutions) Addresses issues identified in an action letter following a recent review of the institution. If applicable, issues are identified in an attached letter.

Part V. Impact Report of the Quality Enhancement Plan (applicable to all institutions)

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